Monarch butterflies are as synonymous with spring in Massachusetts as daffodils and sudden (often unexpected) showers. These colorful creatures are often seen floating through the air around lawns and flowerbeds, but you may not know that the delicate insects actually undertake a pretty epic journey to make their way to Massachusetts from across the country. Monarch butterflies in Massachusetts are not only beautiful, they’re quite fascinating. Read on to find out when will monarchs come to Massachusetts.

Check out this great video of a Monarch swarm in Mexico:

Due to an uptick in the monarch butterfly population over the last few years, this year’s Massachusetts monarch migration might be one of the best in recent memory. Keep your eyes peeled for this natural marvel! Do you have a favorite spot to peruse monarch butterflies in Massachusetts? Make sure to share with your fellow residents in the comments section!

If you don’t want to wait for the migration, you can check out butterflies all year long at this magical butterfly sanctuary in Massachusetts. You can stare at these amazing insects no matter the season within this wonderful state attraction.

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Monarch Butterflies In Massachusetts

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