What Happens Under This Massachusetts Bridge Needs To Be Experienced To Be Believed

Some places defy description, and this unassuming bridge in Needham and Newton is one of them. It’s not where the bridge leads, when it was built or even its good looks – the incredible thing about this bridge is the way it sounds.

Read on to learn more about the bizarre phenomenon that makes this bridge one of the weirdest and most magical spots around.

Echo Bridge spans the Charles River between Newton and Needham. It was once the second-longest masonry arch in the country, and is an official American Water Landmark.

There are two ways to experience this bridge. You can make the crossing via the pedestrian walkway atop the bridge…or you can head down below for a crazy sonic experience.

A staircase leads down from the top of the arch to a wooden platform beneath the bridge. That’s where the magic happens. Here’s what you do: make a noise, any noise, and listen as the sound is multiplied into a chorus of ultra-clear, incredible echoes.

One voice sounds like an entire room full of people. Whispering under the bridge results in a chorus of eerie breaths coming back at you. Sing a line or two under there, and you’ll swear there’s an entire ensemble jumping in to accompany you.

Understandably, Echo Bridge is extremely popular with musicians and singers in the know. Singing under the bridge with a couple voices and a guitar can produce an otherworldly musical effect. It’s also a pretty great place to bring a date for an unexpected serenade.

Of course, the bridge’s unique architecture and location are at the root of the incredible acoustics here. However, local lore suggests that you’ll get the most incredible results out of Echo Bridge if you simply stay silent. Late local historian Ken Newcomb relates that if you keep quiet and listen, you’ll hear the voices of “long departed Indian friends, wishing you well.”

Even if you aren’t impressed by the echoes (an unlikely situation), there are still plenty of reasons to visit this bridge. Though the nearby area is a tangle of highways, the route along the river has been preserved in its natural state, with plenty of beautiful trees and outcroppings. You’ll enjoy amazing views from atop the bridge, including a stretch of white water rapids, a waterfall and the beautiful hemlock gorge beneath.

If you’re looking for another bizarre and baffling roadside phenomenon in Massachusetts, check out this crazy spot. Have you visited Echo Bridge? Know of any other awesome hidden gems in Massachusetts? Let us know.