Explore Viles In Maine, An Underrated Arboretum That Is Beautiful In Every Season

We here in Maine are blessed to have four wonderful seasons. The cold of winter, the new life growing in spring, then the heat of summer, and finally the burst of colors in fall. Each season has its own beauty and has something to love about it. Some like the blanket of snow while others prefer the warmth of the summer. Whatever you prefer, the Viles Arboretum will be a perfect place to visit during any season. 

Viles Arboretum is one of the best places to get outside and spend some time walking in nature. It is perfect any time of year and is open for everyone to enjoy. So take a trip during your favorite season to the Viles Arboretum. For all of your planning needs make sure to also visit the Viles Arboretum website.


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Address: Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital St, Augusta, ME 04330, USA