There Are Giant Trolls Hiding At The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens In Maine Just Like Something Out Of A Storybook

Maine is a magical place. From the views on the coast to the foggy mornings found throughout the state, there’s something special about being here. You don’t need to do much to find it, but we love going out of our way to experience the attractions that make it extra-special. These garden trolls in Maine are unexpected and fun, which means making plans to see them in the spring is well worth the effort!

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is open seasonally from spring through mid-fall each year. The trolls are an installation that lives even in the off-season and they’re expected to be here for many seasons. Check the website for information on opening day and to book your tickets which must be reserved in advance. Walking through the forest to see the trolls can be done with a General Admission ticket. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for more information and photos. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens can be reached at (207) 633-8000.

These trolls aren’t the only larger-than-life friend you’ll find here! Here’s the story behind the massive Paul Bunyan statue in Maine.

Address: Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, 105 Botanical Gdns Dr, Boothbay, ME 04537, USA