Maine Is Home To The Country’s Most Underrated Snow Tubing Park And You’ll Want To Visit

Editor’s Note: It seems that Mt. Abram no longer offers snow tubing.

There are a lot of great reasons to be in Maine throughout the year. From visiting the coast during the summer to exploring the green trees and high summits….well, just about any time. But, where we really shine is in winter. Between skiing and all the other things that are possible each winter, there’s never a dull moment if you’re the type that looks for adventure. But, no matter what your level of winter exploration desires you’ll love snow tubing in Maine at this spot. It’s pretty awesome and Vacationland is lucky to claim it as its own.

Mt. Abram is located at 308 Howe Hill Rd, Greenwood. Visit their website for more information, or check them out on Facebook.

For more great places to go snow tubing in Maine, check out this article. It’s got eight wonderful places to enjoy!

Address: Mt Abram Ski Area & Bike Park, 308 Howe Hill Rd #3112, Greenwood, ME 04255, USA
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Snow Tubing In Maine

February 10, 2022

What are the best outdoor activities in winter in Maine?

We’ve already tackled snow tubing in Maine, but what are a few other winter activities in Maine that can be enjoyed outside? First and foremost, if you want something both easygoing and magical, check out this winter horseback riding trail. Otherwise, we do have a few ways to adventure your way through Maine this winter that keeps your spirit up and your soul satisfied.

Where can I go skiing in Maine?

Whether you’re seeking out sled riding hills in Maine or the best ski slopes, this state has it all and more. Skiing is a great hobby for both residents and visitors to the state, as long as they know the right places to go. For instance, Black Mountain Ski Resort in Maine is one of the coolest family-friendly ski spots in the state. There are 46 different trails offered, plus two lifts of skiers of all levels. Plus, you can also enjoy the terrain park, half-pipe, and snow tubing area, too. Anyone looking for a smaller ski slope should check out Titcomb Mountain in Maine, which is perfect for beginners.

Where else can I go snow tubing in Maine?

Outside of Mt. Abram in Maine, there are quite a few other snow tubing spots worth checking out. Maine is one of those states where you can have a ton of winter fun as long as you know the right places to look. The best snow tubing courses in Maine offer up fun for pretty much all ages, which means it makes for the perfect family activity. We have three tubing hills in Maine that each provides a different experience. Hermon Mountain Ski Area for instance is a small family-owned ski and snow tubing spot with tons of opportunities to tube. 

Address: Mt Abram Ski Area & Bike Park, 308 Howe Hill Rd #3112, Greenwood, ME 04255, USA