You Could Easily Spend All Weekend At This Enormous Maine Outdoor Store

When out-of-staters think of Maine, one company comes to mind first: L.L. Bean. There’s no doubt that since its founding in 1912, L.L. Bean has done a lot to bolster Maine’s national reputation, but let’s not forget that Mainers have more opportunity than anyone to take advantage of its outdoor recreation products. The family-owned company operates 42 stores across the world, and most of them have become local attractions. But the biggest and best remains the one in Bean’s hometown of Freeport, Maine.

The L.L. Bean flagship store has closed only three times since it went to a 24-hour schedule in 1951: after the deaths of L.L. Bean himself, John F. Kennedy and longtime CEO Leon Gorman. But if you want to make extra sure they’re open, or you want to see if they carry what you want (spoiler alert: they do), you can call (207) 552-7772. They’re located at 95 Main St., Freeport, ME 04033.

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