The Maine Store That’s In The Middle Of Nowhere But So Worth The Journey

The best part about spending time in Maine is discovering the hidden gems, nestled within the nooks and crannies of small towns. For some, “middle of nowhere” might mean leaving their forest home and heading to the coast. For others, it might mean driving as far north as possible, stopping only when it’s necessary to pull out a passport. But for many, the “middle of nowhere” simply means a place they don’t often travel to see. Today, we’re talking about Greenville. While you may know where it is, there’s a good chance this fun store isn’t on the list of places you visit every day…though, we’d argue that maybe it should be!

Kamp Kamp is located at 3 Lily Bay Road, in the historic Shaw Block Building in downtown Greenville, Maine. You can reach them on 207-695-0789. Check them out online here.

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