This 1-Mile Hike In Maine Leads To The Dreamiest Swimming Hole

Summer days in Maine mean being outside. There are few better ways to enjoy being outside than splashing around in a hidden swimming hole. While this is one of Maine’s best, it certainly feels like a secret. We love that it comes with a short hike that gives you an opportunity to work up a sweat before plunging into the many pools. The next time you want to feel adventurous without climbing a 4,000-foot peak, set off on this short hike to a swimming hole in Maine.

To see the falls in action check out these two fun videos made by folks who took the hike:

We absolutely love this swimming hole as well. Visiting will remind you of the slower summers from your youth. No cell phones, no video games. Just a whole lot of time spent jumping in! For a few other swimming hole options, check these out.