The Magical River Walk In Maine That Will Transport You To Another World

Hikes through the forest are plenty in Maine, but you don’t necessarily need to strap on your boots for every adventure outside. Some are more accessible – and interesting – than you might think! This river walk in Maine can be found along the mighty Androscoggin River. The many rapids and rocks make for compelling scenery and the trail itself is easy and flat. Check it out and be sure to let us know of other river walks you’ve enjoyed in Maine.

Click here for a map of the entire Auburn River Walk. You can also find exact driving directions to the start by entering your starting point.

These directions assume you’ll be starting in Auburn, but you can easily start in Lewiston as well. Check out the Auburn Riverwalk on for a map and instructions for starting on the Lewiston side of the river.

Another unexpectedly simple hike is the one that leads up Elephant Mountain to the remains of a B-52 crash site. It sits right out outside of Greenville. Learn more about it here.