These 15 Crazy Laws in Kentucky Will Leave You Scratching Your Head In Wonder

Many laws get written over the years, and as time goes on, they are also forgotten. The law is still the law, but what about those originating from a century or so ago. Getting a new law added to Kentucky’s long list of rules and regulations isn’t that hard. When it comes to getting unrealistic statutes off the books, most just get filed away instead of removed. In modern times, the long arm of the law might be over extending itself to the point of flimsiness on a few of these.

Here are 15 “questionable at best”, Bluegrass laws:

Some of these just don’t make a lot of sense anymore, and one has to wonder how they ever did. The penalty for not following these laws could be a fine or possible imprisonment… depending on the judge. Some of these might automatically make you giggle, just don’t do it in the courtroom. Please feel free to tell us about any other unusual Bluegrass State laws that are outdated in the comments bellows.