This Tiny Kentucky Town Literally Moved A Mountain In One Of The Largest Engineering Feats In The World

We all know that Kentucky is capable of doing great things, but would you ever imagine that a tiny town in our state could literally move a mountain? The eastern Kentucky town of Pikeville dared to dream big back in the 1970s when it began what would end up being one of the largest engineering feats the world has seen. It’s incredible to think that a small mountain town in the Bluegrass State could accomplish such a thing, but then again, it makes sense that it would happen in Kentucky.

Learn more about the Pikeville Cut-Through Project and see more of this charming town here:

The Pikeville Cut-Through Project is not just an impressive engineering feat, but a true wonder that so many people, companies, and agencies were able to work together to see this to the end. And the proof of this marvelous endeavor can be found in a small mountain town in eastern Kentucky. Did you know about this incredible project and its magnitude? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and tag someone who you believe who enjoy learning about it!

For more information on the project, visit the town’s website here.

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Address: Pikeville, KY 41501, USA