Take A Trail Less Traveled At The Scenic Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

Going for a walk is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the Bluegrass State is perfect for strolling through beautiful scenery. There are plenty of popular trails and paths that are definitely worth visiting and sometimes nothing can beat a walk through your own neighborhood or town, but then there are those times you want a bit more seclusion. Kentucky State Parks shared a list of “Trails Less Traveled” throughout the state and one of the destinations is Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park. Known for its location on Kentucky Lake, but not necessarily for its hiking, you’ll love the peace and quiet along these scenic hiking trails through Kentucky.

Getting outside is a great mood booster, and it’s even better when you can visit some of the scenic hiking trails in Kentucky. For a destination with trails that will likely be a bit quieter, check out the Sail Trail or even the Lakeshore Trail at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park. Is this one of your favorite spots for outdoor adventure? If you know of any other lesser-known trails in Kentucky, be sure to let us know about them with our Nominations Page.

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