An Entire World Hidden Underground, Don’t Miss Louisville Mega Cavern

In a state that’s known for its expansive, extraordinary caverns, using superlatives to describe one specific cave in Kentucky is nearly impossible to do. But Louisville Mega Cavern is all about the impossible — and it really is the most wondrous cave in the country. The Mega Cavern will render you speechless; it’s 100 acres of an incredible otherworldly underground, located just beneath the busy streets of Louisville. A former limestone mine in The Bluegrass State, today Louisville Mega Cavern offers underground adventures that are truly bucket-list worthy.

General Information:

Accessibility: There are a variety of attractions at Louisville Mega Cavern, some of which are handicap accessible. The Mega Tram Tour, for instance, is wheelchair accessible, offering a wheelchair tram for those needing additional assistance; you’ll simply need to call ahead to reserve. The seasonal Lights Under Louisville drive-thru event is also handicap accessible. You can read about accessibility for specific activities on the Louisville Mega Cavern website.

Pet Friendly: While an exciting place to explore, Louisville Mega Cavern is for humans only! No animals of any kind are allowed in the Mega Cavern or on walking tours.

Parking: Parking is free, with Louisville Mega Cavern having its own expansive lot. Handicap parking is also available inside the main entrance; be sure to present a valid handicap parking permit.

Seasonal Access: Because it’s underground, the Mega Cavern is open year-round. The average temperature in the cavern is always a chilly 58 degrees, so be sure to dress accordingly. Louisville Mega Cavern does close from time to time due to inclement weather above ground, and they post these updates on their Facebook page.

Cost: Cost varies by age and activity, ranging from $14.95/adult for the Mega Tram to $69/adult for the Mega Zips. Consult the Louisville Mega Cavern website to learn about pricing for specific activities.

There’s a whole world waiting to be explored in Louisville Mega Cavern; jump in and experience this marvelous wonder for yourself. For more information about this bucket list destination, be sure to visit the Louisville Mega Cavern website. And for more fuel to feed your wanderlust, be sure to subscribe to our Bucket List Newsletter.

Address: Louisville Mega Cavern, 1841 Taylor Ave, Louisville, KY 40213, USA