The Natural Swimming Hole In Kentucky That Will Take You Back To The Good Old Days

With so many hiking trails, rivers, and creeks throughout Kentucky, it comes as no surprise that our state is filled with hidden spots that are perfect for taking a dip on a hot summer day. Before outdoor water playgrounds like this one or kayak parks like this one, Kentuckians had to seek out their own natural swimming holes, and it usually involved a little adventure.

If you’d like a reminder of what summers were like during the good old days, then head to Red River Gorge and the Sheltowee Connector / Suspension Bridge Trail. It’s along this trail that you’ll find an incredible swimming hole, among other surprises, that are fun-filled and filled with nostalgia.

To reach the parking area for this trailhead, follow these directions: From Slade, travel west on KY-11/15 and then turn right onto KY-77. Follow KY-77 through Nada Tunnel and across the Red River to KY-715. Follow KY-715 for approximately 2.5 miles to a gravel road on the right that leads to a parking area.

Cooling off in this swimming hole in Kentucky is sure to not just bring back memories of the good old days, but also the opportunity to make plenty of new ones. Did you know about this hidden swimming hole along an incredible trail in Red River Gorge? Any other spots where you like to cool off on a hot summer day? Let us know in the comments!

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