The Mysterious Kentucky Road You Absolutely Must Drive At Least Once

Kentucky has some major love for backroads. Luckily, our state has a seemingly endless number of scenic drives. Some of these take you through horse country, some have you climbing a mountain, and then there’s this one that features plenty of mystery. Route 77 in Kentucky isn’t a very long road, but it takes you through enchanting wilderness, rock formations, and even a mysterious one-lane tunnel. It’s so unique that it’s truly a Kentucky destination that everyone should experience at least once.

If you’ve spent time in Red River Gorge, then chances are you have experienced this mysterious Kentucky road. And if you haven’t, get up the nerve to try it soon! What do you think of this winding forest road? Do you agree that everyone should take Route 77 in Kentucky at least once in their lifetime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

And for another amazingly road trip in Kentucky that has hundreds of twists and turns, you’ll love this twisty scenic byway.

Address: KY-77, Kentucky, USA

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Route 77 In Kentucky

January 29, 2021

What are some of the best road trips through Kentucky?

Enjoy some of the best scenic routes in Kentucky that will also take you to some truly inspiring places. If you like the look of nature taking over abandoned places, here is an Abandoned Places In Kentucky Road Trip that’s perfect for you. If you want to see the state’s most beautiful natural wonders, take on this Kentucky Natural Wonders Road Trip — the sights along the 12-hour drive are absolutely incredible. If you love all things horses, we’ve also put together a Kentucky Horse Country Road Trip that’ll take you along the beautiful fencelines and farms in the Bluegrass State. You’ll find all of these road trips and more in this comprehensive list.

What are the most scenic drives in Kentucky?

If you’re looking for something to do that’ll get you out of the house but won’t take up too much time, taking a drive down these scenic roads in Kentucky is a great option. Ironworks Pike, near Lexington, goes from White Sulphur to Athens. The scenery is absolutely stunning, and it makes for a great scenic drive to cruise along with the windows down. If you enjoy country music, take a drive along US-23, also known as the Country Music Highway. Winding through the Kentucky Appalachians, you’ll pass by the hometowns of people like Loretta Lynn and Ricky Skaggs. It’s scenic and fun, all in one. (And if you’re into country roads with lots of twists and turns, be sure to check out this epic Kentucky byway — though, it is not for those who get carsick easily!)

What are the best day trips in Kentucky?

Kentucky is full of wonderful places to discover, whether you go for the horse farms, distilleries, scenery, or anything else. You can fill a whole day at places like the Kentucky Horse Park, or explore the history of Kentucky Bourbon on the Bourbon Trail. Kentucky also has beautiful natural areas that are full of opportunities for adventure. Mammoth Cave National Park is a must-see. It’s the longest cave system in the entire world and great for a family visit or avid spelunkers.

Address: KY-77, Kentucky, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.