Explore Thousands Of Handmade Treasures At The McCreary Mountain Craft Center In Kentucky

When traveling throughout Kentucky, it’s nice to have a variety of places to stop along the way. One of the most popular destinations in our state, and rightfully so, is Cumberland Falls and the beautiful South Fork area around it. While we could easily spend all day just staring at this natural wonder, it’s probably more logical to travel around a bit. Not far down the road from this travel spot is a local gem – the McCreary Mountain Craft Center. If you enjoy a good craft shop in Kentucky, then this is a must-stop for you. Explore thousands of handmade treasures here and also learn about the fascinating history of this roadside destination.


The McCreary Mountain Craft Center is a craft shop in Kentucky that may just outrank all the others. Explore thousands of handmade treasures here and leave with a few special items, as well as a new appreciation for the beauty of this area of Kentucky and its people. Have you stopped by the McCreary Mountain Craft Center? If so, be sure to share your experience with us in the comments!

For more information on the McCreary Mountain Craft Center, follow along on Facebook here. The shop is typically open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but it’s best to call ahead at 606-376-3463 to double check the hours, as it is run completely by volunteers.

Address: 6930 Highway 90, Parkers Lake, KY 42634

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