The Massive Family Campground In Kentucky That’s The Size Of A Small Town

It’s hard to imagine a time when Kentucky Lake did not exist in the Bluegrass State, but many remember when the land was all wilderness and it was then transformed into the enormous lake that it is today. Right after this occurred, a local family decided to turn a portion of the new lakefront property into a fishing camp, and so Big Bear Resort was born. This massive family campground is now legendary as generations have enjoyed it over the years. It’s the size of a small town, and even has that small town charm, and there’s definitely more than one reason this Kentucky destination has lasted for so long.

Big Bear Resort is a wonderful family destination on Kentucky Lake for continuing memories already made, and to make plenty of new ones. Have you stayed at this legendary, massive campground? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Big Bear Resort is located at 30 Big Bear Resort Rd., Benton, KY 42025. For more information, visit their website here and follow along on Facebook here.

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