The 7 Coziest Glamping Spots In Kentucky That Are Perfect For A Getaway Anytime Of Year

If you enjoy camping, Kentucky is the perfect place to be any time of year. Our state has countless campgrounds and overnight accommodations that range from way off the grid to luxurious cabins filled with modern amenities. While many people think of camping as a warm-weather activity, there are many spots in Kentucky that are perfect for a getaway, no matter the season. These seven glamping destinations in the Bluegrass State range in accommodations, but they are all cozy, inviting, and ideal for a peaceful escape in Kentucky.

Glamping is a trend that has introduced even more people to camping and being outdoors, and with all of the natural beauty in Kentucky year-round, these seven cozy spots are perfect for experiencing it. Would you camp or “glamp” in cold weather? What’s your go-to spot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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