These 9 Amazing Kentucky Restaurants Are Loaded With Local History

There is a lot of history throughout the Bluegrass State. An abundance of old buildings still stand, but have taken on a new purpose in life. Some buildings remain what they always were, such as courthouses. Great places to eat are always good to know about, and Kentucky restaurants with history, even more so. A little research has led to some great restaurants that offer a glimpse into history, as well as a tasty meal.

Here are 9 memorable Kentucky restaurants with history:

It is always nice to have a quality dining experience, but to do so in the heart of some Bluegrass history is extra special. Looking around, envisioning the types of individuals that once wandered the halls and eating home grown foods is truly special. Now, we can only eat and imagine in our famed Kentucky restaurants with history that runs deep.

Our state is so filled with history, I know there are more restaurants worth mentioning. What is your favorite historical restaurant in Kentucky?