8 Lakeside Restaurants In Kentucky You Simply Must Visit This Time Of Year

It’s time to bring on the summer days spent on the lake, boating, fishing, and relaxing. Whether you spend a lot of time on the waters of Kentucky, or maybe you’d like to plan a couple days at the lake soon, you may want to consider a spot that is close to some fabulous lakeside dining. Many of Kentucky’s larger lakes have marinas and resorts that include incredible restaurants, and some of our wonderful state parks have eateries right on a lake. Even if you are not staying at these places, you can still visit the restaurants! So if you enjoy dining with a waterfront view, you simply must visit these eight lakeside restaurants in Kentucky, especially this time of year.

Lakeside dining always feels like a vacation, so whether you are taking a trip or just happen to live near a lake, check out these delightful waterfront spots in Kentucky this season. Did your favorite lakeside restaurant make the list? Feel free to share others you love in the comments!

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