Grab Some Pizza And Rent A Boat At This Awesome Spot In Kentucky

Here in Kentucky, we have a big thing for the water. Not only are we home of the Houseboat Capital of the World, but we also have some truly wondrous rivers and lakes scattered all across the state! Kenlake Marina is a perfect waterfront destination; it’s a beautiful place where folks can embrace lake life in Kentucky, complete with boat rentals, boardwalk dining, and lots of other amenities and attractions.

Have you ever been to Kenlake Marina in Kentucky before? What a fun day trip in the Bluegrass State!

Looking for more adventures around Kentucky Lake? Here are 13 things you can do around this beautiful body of water in the Bluegrass State.

Address: Kenlake Marina, 888 Ken Lake Marina Ln, Hardin, KY 42048, USA