12 Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Someone In Kentucky

Halloween, traditionally known as Samhain, is the season for costumes, candies, and things that go bump in the night in Kentucky. Being one of the most haunted southern states, it’s only natural we celebrate this holiday in all its costumed glory. Houses are often decorated with faux webs, orange and black lighting, ghosts and other spooky décor. The people of the Bluegrass State vary in their creepy finery, with some thinking the scarier the better, and others going for a more traditional look.

Here are 12 Kentucky costumes that seem right at home:

Kentucky is a lot of fun during the Halloween season, offering lots of costume parties, community center events, and costumed festivals. If you like to dress up, or see the creativity of others, you surely appreciate some of the unique costumes above. Mind you, some people do prefer cute over creepy, and both are perfectly acceptable. Do you prefer the terrifying or the adorable during the season, and which of the above is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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