10 Awesome Corn Mazes In Kentucky You Have To Do This Fall

There’s something about Kentucky corn fields and woodlands at night that can be spooky during the Halloween season. Just hearing a rustling in the leaves of the corn can give those of us who grew up watching Children of the Corn, a little shiver. Each one of these All Hallows attractions offers something unique. Some are meant to make teens and young adults tremble, others have special attractions for the little ones. They all offer a frighteningly good time.

Here are 10 spooky corn maze activities in Kentucky:

Corn fields in Kentucky always give me the creeps at night. A raccoon bristling in the field can easily give many a fright. Forests, though beautiful, can be equally frightening to those unsure of their way in the dark. Have you been to any of these haunts? What is your favorite Halloween fright activity to attend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!