The Deepest Lake In Kentucky Is Actually A Lesser Known Outdoor Paradise

When you think about lakes in Kentucky, some of the large and popular ones probably come to mind. Most know of Lake Cumberland, Kentucky Lake, Dale Hollow, and other fun-filled, beautiful spots, but the Bluegrass State is actually home to 45 major lakes. And while you may already know that Kentucky Lake is the largest in the state, can you name the deepest lake in Kentucky? Herrington Lake is located just west of Harrodsburg and earns the title as the deepest. It also comes with a lot of history, a little controversy, and natural beauty that can make this a lesser-known outdoor paradise.

Get an aerial view of the lake with this video from On the Road with Robert Elam:

Had you heard of Herrington Lake? Did you know it is the deepest lake in Kentucky? If you’ve been there, tell us about it in the comments! And feel free to share any other lesser-known facts or spots around Kentucky that we can look into.

And if you’re going to be near Herrington Lake and Harrodsburg, check out this other historic site that is like walking back in time.

Address: Herrington Lake, Kentucky, USA