The Donuts Are Fresh And Lasagna Is Piping Hot At The Dailey Grind, A Charming Cafe That’s True Kentucky Hospitality

Not everyone is a morning person, so anything that helps make the day a little brighter is always welcome. And in Cynthiana, Kentucky, there’s an impossibly charming cafe that’s sure to bring a smile to your face — and delicious food to your belly. The Dailey Grind is a place that makes everything from scratch — everything from fresh-baked donuts to piping-hot lasagna — and, most importantly, all meals are served with a heaping helping of warm and welcoming Southern hospitality.

Have you visited this charming little cafe in Cynthiana, Kentucky, before? The Dailey Grind is one of those only-in-Kentucky establishments we’re so proud to call ours.

Address: The Dailey Grind, 209 S Poplar St, Cynthiana, KY 41031, USA