This Chilling Legend From Small Town Kansas Will Give You Nightmares

To be honest, Kansas has some intense urban legends to entertain our residents, from the creepy hamburger man (half ghost, half monster) to the Saline River Ghost. We love our campfire tales, and we aren’t afraid to come up with new ones as soon as another warehouse becomes abandoned. This particular legend, however, may be the most unsettling in Kansas history. Have you heard of Flowerpot Mountain?

The story of Flowerpot Mountain in Medicine Lodge has been told for decades. It tells of a group of settlers who decided to stay on Flowerpot Mountain back when Native Americans were mostly alone in the area. One of the settlers was a woman who kept a diary of her travels and was hidden somewhere around the location, with a riddle to lead someone back to it.

Wasn’t that creepy? If you’re into scary stories, you should check out the 100% real tale of the Bloody Benders, a Kansas family who made murder a business.

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