One Trip To This Pickle Themed Restaurant In Iowa And You’ll Relish It Forever

Everyone loves pickles, right? Okay, probably not everyone sees the appeal of a crunchy, sour spear of cucumber, but if you’re the person who always eats your partner’s pickle too, have we got a restaurant for you. Pickles Pub in Kamrar, a tiny town about an hour north of Des Moines, has dedicated itself to the art of the pickle. Its menu of traditional comfort food and bar drinks is given a sour kick with pickles making their appearance in one dish after another. This quirky restaurant in Iowa is the only major dining spot in Kamrar, but it’s also quickly becoming a destination for pickle-lovers from all around the Hawkeye State.

Have you been to Pickles Pub in Kamrar? Let us know your thoughts on this quirky restaurant in Iowa in the comments section – and feel free to let us know your thoughts on pickles! If you’re excited to pay a visit, make sure to visit Pickles Pub’s website and Facebook page to find out more about their menu. If you’re looking for another unique menu, check out this crazy Cedar Rapids restaurant.

Address: Pickles Pub, 425 Main St, Kamrar, IA 50132, USA