If you’re looking for a great way to kick off the new year, why not plan a winter hike in Iowa? One of the most peaceful spots to enjoy nature and start your year off in the best way is the Hartman Reserve Nature Center, on the banks of the Cedar River in Cedar Falls. Avoid the crowds by trekking through this hidden gem of a park during the snowiest time of year.

You can keep an eye on all of the happenings and trail updates from Hartman Reserve Nature Center on Facebook, right here.

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Winter Hike in Iowa

What are some good places for winter hiking in Iowa?  

Iowa is a beautiful place, no matter how many folks who have never been here call it a “flyover” state! During the winter, it tends to get pretty snowy – but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good winter outing in the great outdoors, and that includes some cold-weather hikes! Iowa might be a smaller state, but it’s home to an impressive 83 state parks and recreation areas, many of which are wonderful summer, winter, and everything in between. With more than 700 trails weaving throughout the state according to our friends at AllTrails.com, surely there are plenty to enjoy even when it’s cold. Some of our favorite trails for winter hiking in Iowa include the breathtaking lake views at Gray’s Lake Park, where you can take a quiet stroll through the snowy landscape. Head to almost any of our state parks and you’ll find plenty of well-maintained trails even during winter, like the trails you’ll find at Dolliver Memorial State Park, in Lehigh, and in the Yellow River State Forest as well! Another favorite is Pike’s Peak, which might just have the best views in the entire Midwest.  

What are some fun things to do in the winter in Iowa? 

Iowa is just as much fun during winter as it is when the weather is warmer; it’s just a different kind of fun! There are all the classics, like skiing (especially cross-country skiing), snowboarding, hiking (as detailed above), camping, and more. Check out our amazing lakes and ponds for some ice skating, or maybe head to one of our beautiful small towns that love to go all-out for the winter season, like Des Moines and Marquette. Mount Vernon is also astonishingly beautiful during winter. You can rent an Airbnb and watch the snow fall from a hot tub, or head to a state park for some amazing snow tubing, snowball fights, and more. If you’re a little creative, you’ll never get bored. For more ideas, check this article out!  

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