The Breathtaking Park In Iowa Where You Can Watch Wild Elk And Bison Roam

Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge in Prairie City, Iowa, located just half an hour east of Des Moines, is an excellent place to spend the day for many reasons. It’s got a well-organized interpretive center filled with fascinating tidbits about Iowa’s history and ecology. It’s home to multiple trails that traverse a variety of terrain. But perhaps most remarkable of all, it’s one of the few places in Iowa where it’s still possible to spot wild elk and bison free ranging on a vast, beautiful, 800-acre prairie.

To learn more about the animals that find a haven at Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge, head over to the refuge’s website. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to spot them when you visit Neal Smith, but watch for them on the Neal Smith auto tour route, the Tallgrass and Overlook Trails, and from the Visitor Center. Have you ever seen an elk in Iowa? Here’s another rare sight that you can see at Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge, in addition to elk and bison: an Oak Savannah.

Address: Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, 9981 Pacific St, Prairie City, IA 50228, USA