You May Be Shocked To Learn These 12 Celebrities Are From Iowa

Iowa may not be Hollywood, but there are a surprisingly large number of famous people from Iowa. This humble Midwest state boasts a lot of celebrities. This list of high-profile individuals from Iowa will shock you and definitely make you a contender at Iowa trivia nights at your local bar!

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Next time someone tries to tell you that there are no famous people from Iowa, just show them this list. Are there any more celebrities from Iowa that you can think of? Share them in the comments.

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Iowa Trivia

August 05, 2021

What are some fun facts about Iowa?

There are seven times more hogs than people in Iowa! We produce 2.4 billion bushels of corn a year, far more than any other state. We also have more chickens than Texas and California combined have humans. In short, there is a lot of farmland and livestock here. Check out this list of more fun facts about Iowa.

What are some natural wonders in Iowa?

Iowa has an unfair reputation as a boring state. We’re thought to be nothing but farmland and flat plains. To say that is to discount all the incredible natural wonders in Iowa. For instance, the Loess Hills are amazing. We’ve got some really amazing caves, like the Crystal Lake Caves, and there are actually a surprising number of hills and ledges here (especially along the Upper Iowa River!) Check out this list of natural wonders in Iowa you won’t want to miss.

What are some good road trips in Iowa?

There’s so much to see and do here in Iowa. Why not get out and explore the Amana colonies? Or Decorah, our little Norwegian-themed town? We’ve got a list of awe-inspiring destinations for you that are worth a visit from any corner of the state.

Address: Iowa, USA