Few People Know That Iowa Is The Birthplace Of The Trampoline

It’s an essential part of summer fun – bouncy, exciting, and just a little bit dangerous. Who hasn’t spent some time bouncing on a trampoline as a kid – or a kid at heart? But few people know that the trampoline was actually invented right here in Iowa City, making it one of the most famous Iowa inventions of all time. Created out of necessity by athletes and turning into a recreation sensation, the trampoline has become an institution. Let’s turn the clock back and look at the history of this high-impact invention.

What are your memories of the trampoline? Whether you’ve bounced in the backyard or enjoyed an epic trampoline park, let us know in the comments section. If you’re interested in learning about some more famous Iowa inventions, check out this surprising list. If you’re looking for the ultimate Iowa trampoline adventure, check out this wild trampoline park.

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