Contrary to popular belief, hiking is not just a warm-weather activity. Winter hiking trails can be just as fun to explore, and can even offer more interesting and beautiful views. For the best cold weather trails in the state, check out these ten parks that offer the best of winter hiking in Indiana. The best winter hikes in the Hoosier State truly are like a dream come true, especially if you’re a big fan of the great outdoors (and snow). Check them out and let us know which ones are your favorites:

Have you ever explored any great winter hiking trails in Indiana? For more winter fun outdoors in Indiana, check out these incredible frozen waterfalls in IN that you have to see in person! Some folks might think winter is a time to bundle up and stay inside, but we believe the opposite – it’s time to bundle up and go outside! Enjoy!

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Best Winter Hikes

  1. What are some of the best winter hikes in Indiana?  

Who says you can’t go hiking in Indiana in winter? Some of the best winter hikes in Indiana are gems like:  


2. Where should I go hiking in winter in Indiana?  

Of course, the list doesn’t even come close to ending with those! Other amazing options for Indiana hiking in winter include trails like:  


3. What is winter in Indiana like? 

Winter in Indiana can be cold and snowy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful time of year! After all, no matter how cold it gets, you can always bundle up more. Some fun things to do in winter in Indiana are things like: 

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