7 Terrifying Events That Prove Indiana Might Just Be The Most Haunted State In The Country

Here are seven local hauntings in Indiana that will make your skin crawl. The events that inspired these creepy places may make you want to leave the state.

We recommend stearing clear of these ghastly places unless you like getting spooked. If you’re a ghost hunter or history lover, these belong on your bucket list for sure. Check them out:

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What other local hauntings in Indiana keep you up at night? Share your creepiest tales with us in the comments.

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Address: 120 E Main St, Hartford City, IN 47348, USA
Address: 714 W Warren St, Mitchell, IN 47446, USA
Address: Gary, IN, USA
Address: 7520 Co Rd 28, Butler, IN 46721, USA
Address: Bloomington, IN, USA
Address: 3045 W Vermont St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA