This Abandoned Theme Park In Indiana Is A Secret Only Locals Know About

Indiana has many popular tourist attractions, from a world-renowned children’s museum to incredible state parks. However, if you’re looking for more of an off-the-beaten-path kind of experience, you can find that in Indiana, too. Like this abandoned theme park in Indiana: Rose Island. Here you’ll find the overgrown remains of a time not so long ago, when families from all over Indiana and the midwest flocked to what was once a bustling amusement park. Today, this abandoned theme park in Indiana is a haunting homage to what was, and a true Indiana treasure that’s full of history and intrigue.

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Tell us: have you ever been to this abandoned theme park in Indiana? Are you brave enough to check it out? If you’re into under-the-radar kind of spots, we’ve got 11 secret places in Indiana that are just waiting to be explored!

Address: Rose Island, Charlestown Township, IN 47111, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Theme Park in Indiana

January 28, 2021

What’s the oldest park in Indiana?

That honor would belong to McCormick’s Creek State Park, established in 1916. McCormick’s Creek has more than 10 miles of hiking trails, a waterfall, caves, canyons, cliffs, and bridges. It is 1,924 acres of Indiana beauty, and some of its features were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993. You can even spend the night at the park’s Canyon Inn.

Are there other amusement parks in Indiana?

Indiana is one giant playground, and it doesn’t get any better than Indiana Beach. It’s the oldest amusement park in the state, opening in 1926 in the middle of a small Indiana lakeside beach. Today, Indiana Beach is one of the state’s must-visit summer attractions, boasting over 40 rides and attractions, not to mention plenty of games and six rollercoasters.

What are some hidden gems in Indiana?

For those that prefer to take the road less traveled, Indiana will delight you. Some of our favorite hidden gems in Indiana include Wolf Park (a sanctuary for wolves, coyotes, bison, and foxes), Bluespring Caverns (a 21-mile cave system that’s home to rare breeds of fish, amphibians, and other nocturnal critters), and the Kurt Vonnegut Museum (a must-visit for bibliophiles!).



Address: Rose Island, Charlestown Township, IN 47111, USA