The Entire Neighborhood Of River Ridge In Indiana Was Mysteriously Abandoned

Back in the 1940s, the US Army decided to establish an enormous ammunition manufacturing plant near Charlestown, Indiana. It would manufacture a few specific things: rocket propellant, propellant charge bags, and, most famously, smokeless gunpowder. Word spread of the coming plant and, very quickly, people interested in jobs began flocking to the area.

Intriguingly, Charlestown State Park is also the site of an abandoned theme park, so what remains of River Ridge isn’t alone. The two long-neglected places aren’t terribly far from one another, and they make for a fascinating afternoon of exploration. It’s incredibly important to note that structures remaining on these sites are not stable, and should not be entered for any reason.

For more information on the abandoned theme park on the same grounds as what used to be River Ridge, click here!

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Address: River Ridge, IN 47111, USA