It’s Bizarre To Think That Illinois Is Home To The World’s Largest Collection Of 8-Track Tapes, But It’s True

Illinois is home to a number of strange world record items. You may have heard about the town in Illinois that has 12 of the world’s biggest things like golf tees, rocking chairs, and mailboxes. But there is one other collection that isn’t as well known – 8-track cassettes. That’s right, there is a man in Illinois that has quite possibly the world’s largest 8-track tape collection.

Watch the featured news story from KSDK News below. (Bob’s collection has grown even larger since then!)

How is your 8-track tape collection coming along? If you have any special ones in your collection, tell us all about them with a comment. There are plenty of fun and unusual things people collect in our fine state of Illinois, but this deadly plant collection is certainly an interesting one.

Address: Flora, IL 62839, USA

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