5 Incredible Illinois Day Trips You Can Take By Train

The next time you have a free day or weekend and you want to plan something new and exciting, we have the perfect options. For anyone searching for day trips near me in Illinois, how about considering boarding a train? There are some unique train trips in Illinois that can be completely round trip and take you to different parts of the state that maybe weren’t an option otherwise. Amtrak train routes spread across Illinois allow for many opportunities for fun and exciting day trips. Grab your tickets at the nearest train station, hop on, and explore our beautiful state! Here are some suggested trips you can take:

If you’re ready to start planning your train trip around Illinois, then head to the Amtrak website to create your day trip itinerary. It’s as easy to entering in your starting location and visiting destination, and voila!

How do these incredible scenic train rides in Ilinois sound to you? What trip are you planning to take first? Let us know in the comments section!

Address: Illinois, USA
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Day Trips Near Me In Illinois

July 09, 2021

Where can I go on one tank of gas in Illinois?

If train trips in Illinois aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to drive, then we have a few options to visit attractions around the state on one tank of gas. From exploring the serene countryside of Arcola to spending the day on Rend Lake, just one tank of gas will take you to some pretty fabulous places around Illinois.

What are the best road trips through Illinois?

Some of the most unique day trips in Illinois take place when you hit the open road. Illinois is such a vast Midwest state, there is always something to see, visit, and explore. The best weekend road trips in Illinois can be enjoyed as soon as possible. All you need to do is load up your car, get some gas, and be on your way! Additionally, if you have some more time on your hands to adventure, then we recommend taking these 10 unforgettable road trips in Illinois.

Can I go for a train ride in Illinois?

We’ve talked about destination-focused train trips in Illinois, but what about other types of train rides you can take? For instance, did you know there is a magical Polar Express Train ride that comes around every Christmas? This train takes guests on a journey into the famed holiday storybook complete with characters, hot chocolate, and music! For anyone looking for a bit of a scare, the Halloween Train Ride at the Fox River Trolley Museum is also a fun experience. Who’s ready for a few scenic train rides in Illinois?!

Address: Illinois, USA