If you grew up in Illinois, then there’s a decent chance you grew up with ice skates instead of sneakers. If not, getting on the ice can be an imposing experience, full of bumps and bruises. Our suggestion for those looking for an enjoyable introduction to the rink that won’t leave you icing your knees? Head to Jack Frost Winter Village in Chicago where bumps are the whole point. At the annual Jack Frost Winter Walk and Tree Farm pop-up in Illinois, you can rent ice bumper cars. These amazing inventions will give you and your friends chilly thrills and require no skating skill!

If you’re looking for unique holiday hijinks this year and don’t know where to start, consider what a stress-relieving blast it would be to bump your friends and family around with these ice-bumper cars in Chicago. Jack Frost Winter Winter Walk and Pop-up is the perfect place in Illinois for you and the holiday spirit to, quite literally, collide. Merry mayhem is sure to follow. Visit the Jack Frost Winter Pop-Up website for dates and details on this year’s ice bumper cars event!

For even more holiday cheer we recommend checking out the German Christmas Market in Chicago.

What are your favorite spots in Illinois to crash into holiday cheer? What unique winter activities make your year? We love hearing your tips and stories and seeing your photos. Get in touch!

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