This Easy, 2.5-Mile Trail Leads To Webster’s Dam, One Of Idaho’s Most Underrated Waterfalls

When searching for waterfalls near me in Idaho, you’ll find that many of the state’s falls require a long, strenuous hike to reach them … but not all. In fact, one of the most underrated waterfalls in Idaho can be found at the end of this easy, 2.5-mile round-trip trail. The falls at the end are actually manmade, but it’s still a stunning sight to witness. It’s definitely worth taking on the next time you feel like a quick ‘n easy adventure!

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If you aren’t really in the mood for a hike, don’t worry! There are several easy-access waterfalls in Idaho that are worth your attention. Here are just six waterfalls that are perfect for a summer adventure — no hiking is required.

Address: Webster Dam, Unnamed Road, ID, USA
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April 02, 2022

What are some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Idaho?

If you love chasing waterfalls like us, you are in for a treat. In Idaho, there are beautiful cascades all over the state for you to admire. One of our favorite hiking trails with waterfalls in Idaho is the Ross Falls Trail. This hiking trail is only 0.4-miles and is found in southern Idaho, near the Magic Mountain Ski Area. The trail is easy, well-maintained, and beautiful. Plus, the falls themselves are inspiring.

You also must check out Goose Creek Falls. To reach this awe-inspiring sight, you will experience one of the best waterfall hikes in Idaho. This hiking trail is a little longer than Ross Falls and features a three-mile trail you must conquer. Plus, there are also some steep inclines you’ll need to tackle. However, Goose Creek Falls is one majestic sight, and should definitely be on your bucket list each spring.

What are some scenic hikes in Idaho I should add to my bucket list?

The Boise area is where you can find one of the most popular hiking trails that also offers astounding city views — Table Rock. This loop trail takes you to the Table Rock Viewpoint, where you can experience the most beautiful views of Boise and the surrounding area. This hike can be a bit challenging due to some steep terrain, but there are plenty of areas where you can take a break and recover if needed.

Address: Webster Dam, Unnamed Road, ID, USA