Here Is The Most Remote, Isolated Spot In Idaho And It’s Positively Breathtaking

Idaho is a truly special place, if you haven’t already heard. We’ve already been named the “middle of nowhere” and even have the the second largest chunk of untamed, roadless wilderness in the contiguous US to prove it — 2.4 million acres of it to be exact. It’s incredible how in tune Idaho still is with its natural roots!

According to the latest geographic calculations, the most remote spot in the entire continental US is actually on the border of Idaho and Nevada, overlapping Owyhee County. But for the most isolated spot in the state that is fully contained in Idaho, there’s only one place that holds that title…and it’s so positively breathtaking, you might be willing to take your chances to get there.

Project Remote is a unique venture that finds and documents the most secluded places in the US places to ensure their future preservation. Their criteria is fairly simple: accessible by hiking only, unmarred by plane trails, and completely obscured from the road, among others. On one of their latest ventures, they chose one particular point within Idaho as being the most remote spot in the state, and naturally it just happens to be found in Idaho’s largest expanse of preserved wilderness. In fact, this amazingly isolated area is so remote that it requires at least six days of hiking to get there.

Have you ever visited the Frank Church Wilderness or rafted the Salmon River? It’s definitely breathtaking!

Reaching the actual Remote Spot is quite the arduous hike made of rugged wildlife trails and not much else, so only experienced hikers should should consider attempting this intense week-long adventure. But it’s definitely amazing to look at nevertheless!