The Twin Falls area is home to some pretty magnificent waterfalls (Shoshone Falls, anyone?!) While many of these Idaho waterfalls require a bit of a hike to enjoy, Perrine Coulee Waterfall is easily accessible. In fact, there are multiple ways that you can view this magical waterfall in Idaho, some a little easier than others.


Have you seen the beauty of the Perrine Coulee Falls in Idaho? What did you think of this waterfall? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Looking for more Idaho waterfalls to chase? Here are six easy-access falls in Idaho.

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Idaho Waterfalls

What are some other beautiful Idaho waterfalls?

Looking for some waterfalls to chase in the Gem State? In addition to the lovely Perrine Coulee Waterfall, here are some of our favorite Idaho waterfalls:

  • Jump Creek Falls. A picturesque desert canyon breaks through the sagebrush and dust of small-town Idaho to reveal a scenic 60-foot waterfall, pooling beneath volcanically formed cliffs. An easy quarter-mile hike through brush is all it takes to reach the base of the canyon's upper reaches, with a number of fire pits and picnic areas available for day use only.
  • Deadman Falls. While the vast majority of Southern Idaho's geology was shaped by unfathomable floods and roaring, ancient bodies of water, Deadman Falls is the perfect example of a majestic canyon formed by forces other than historic waters. As such, basalt layers of rock dip down unexpectedly into the surrounding desert farmland in vivid reddish-brown hues. The canyon alone is a sight to see, while the falls can be seen sitting at the edge of the chasm pouring majestically after a rainstorm. A low dam keeps Deadman from flowing at full capacity for the majority of the year, but even when not in full force, a light spray can be seen cascading down 170 feet or so into the abyss of Deadman Canyon.
  • Pillar Falls. You'll have to grab a kayak for this one! Pillar Falls are one of Idaho's hidden gems that are just as exhilarating to get to as they are to see. Named after the giant stone monoliths that rise from the Snake River, these falls are a series of slight, tiered drops and rapids that weave around the numerous islands and inlets.

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