The New Visitor Center At Minidoka National Historic Site In Idaho Is Open And Ready For Exploring

Every bit of Idaho history is worth exploring, even the parts that aren’t so pretty. During the days of World War II, over 110,000 Japanese-Americans were forced to leave their homes and belongings behind in order to live at one of the many incarceration sites situated around the country. Idaho was one of the states that contained a Japanese internment camp, now known as the Minidoka National Historic Site, and you can actually visit it and see it for yourself. In fact, the park recently opened a fancy new Visitor Center that provides an even deeper look into the history of this place.

Have you visited the Minidoka National Historic Site recently? This piece of Idaho history is grim, but it’s so important to know about it. Check out more places that are teeming with history when you visit these 10 Famous Historical Landmarks In Idaho. 

Address: Minidoka National Historic Site, 1428 Hunt Rd, Jerome, ID 83338, USA