America’s First Nuclear Meltdown Happened Right Here In Idaho

If you know your Idaho history then you’re probably aware that our state paved the way for the use of nuclear power in our country. After all, we’re home to the first city that’s ever been powered by nuclear energy—Arco, Idaho. However, our nation’s understanding of nuclear power came at a cost. The first fatal nuclear meltdown occurred right here in Idaho in 1961. Three men died during the accident and the event has gone down in history books. There’s even been several movies and books devoted to the nuclear accident, so it’s surprising that more Idahoans don’t realize that it took place. This was no doubt one of the most tragic accidents in Idaho history but it’s one that everybody should know about.

Did you know the nation’s first nuclear meltdown occurred here in Idaho? This was a tragic accident but history will always remember it. Idaho’s nuclear history is utterly fascinating and you can explore more of it when you Tour This Nuclear Power Plant In Idaho. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!