It’s not often that history and hiking collide together, but that is exactly what this unique hike to the remains of the Loon Lake bomber in Idaho offers. Not many people are aware that this hiking trail, along with beautiful lakeside views, leads you to the site of an abandoned airplane crash that occurred over 70 years ago! The story behind the crash is a fascinating one, involving eight men enduring the harsh Idaho winter for 21 long days before finally being rescued. The hike itself is long but fairly easy, and serves as a great day outing for the whole family. The plane is incredibly preserved, considering it’s been sitting out and exposed to the elements for the better portion of a century. The bizarre sight of the wreckage is the perfect reward for a long hike and is something you have to see with your own eyes.

What do you think? Will you complete the hike to this abandoned plane in Idaho anytime soon?

If you enjoyed this fascinating piece of history, you’ll love this eerily beautiful shipwreck in Idaho!

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Abandoned Places In Idaho

What are some other unique abandoned places in Idaho?

Some other unique abandoned places in Idaho include:

  • The Albion State Normal School in Albion. This was a 2-year college built in the late 1800s as an educational institution for future teachers. It was closed down in 1951, and some claim to have experienced paranormal activity here.
  • The Old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise. Built in 1870, it operated for just over a century and saw a great deal of activity, including prison escapes and executions. While it closed in 1973, the Old Idaho Penitentiary is now a historic site open to the public for tours, both guided and self-guided.
  • Boot Hill Cemetery in Idaho City. Officially known as Pioneer Cemetery, it was established in 1872 and is home to over 3,000 graves. Very few of the cemetery’s original headstones remain intact, with many of the wooden markers having been victim to fires.


Are there any ghost towns in Idaho?

There are over 100 ghost towns in Idaho. Some notable examples include:

  • This small town was once a popular stop along the stage coach route to Nevada, but now only a few ruins remain.
  • Many buildings still stand tall and empty in this former mining town with a violent past.
  • To walk through this abandoned mining town is to see firsthand the effects of the Great Depression.
  • Silver City. This well-known ghost town in Idaho is another mining town that fell into decline. Here you’ll also find the allegedly haunted Idaho Hotel.
  • Rocky Bar. Once a thriving metropolis in the 1860s, little remains of Rocky Bar’s former days of glory. Crumbling buildings in a picturesque setting make it a great day trip for history and nature lovers.

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