Discover Delicious Local Restaurants In Stanley, A Small Mountain Town In Idaho

Located in the beautiful Stanley Basin and surrounded by the incredible Sawtooth Mountains, the mountain town of Stanley is as small as it gets. Home to just 63 residents according to the last U.S. Census, living in this town year-round is not an easy feat. The winters are notably frigid and the town itself is extremely remote. However, that doesn’t stop people from making the trek to this tiny town to take in the beautiful scenery and the abundance of recreational opportunities. As a result, there are plenty of wonderful local restaurants located within the quaint community, and you’ll want to be sure to discover each and every one of them. We’ve highlighted just a few of them here, so read on and plan a day trip to Stanley in the near future.

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Address: 105 Niece Ave, Stanley, ID 83278, USA
Address: 37 Ace of Diamonds St, Stanley, ID 83278, USA
Address: 401 Redfish Lodge Rd, Stanley, ID 83278, USA
Address: 250 Wall St, Stanley, ID 83278, USA
Address: 100 Yankee Fork Rd, Stanley, ID 83278, USA