Most People Don’t Know These 15 Super Tiny Towns In Idaho Exist

Idaho is no stranger to small towns, especially those of the “blink and you’ll miss it” sort. In fact, many of Idaho’s smallest populations contain so few permanent residents that they are best described as extended families with a fondness for seclusion. But we love it. Here in Idaho, we enjoy our personal space, large stretches of farmland, beautiful winding roads, and miniature towns that are a throwback to our awesome history, regardless of their population size.

Since Idaho is fortunate enough to still hold true to its frontier roots and open skylines, our quaint rural communities are similarly full of charm and simplicity. In fact, many of Idaho’s teeniest populations and unincorporated towns aren’t even thoroughly recorded by census data, although we managed to snag a few numbers from the most recent count. Here are just a few of Idaho’s smallest municipalities.

Full of character and history, small town living is where it’s at!