You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Experienced This Beautiful Lake In Idaho

Tucked away in our idyllic corner of the Northwest, Idaho is its own slice of paradise. Cascading waterfalls, azure lakes, majestic mountain peaks, and rolling hills make up our diverse landscape, while back country trails and rushing rivers allow families and adventurers alike the opportunity to navigate and explore all that the Gem State has to offer.

Of all the scenic places in our state, one local favorite, Redfish Lake, is a beautiful, alpine paradise that is beloved by many for its pristine water, calm beaches, and exhilarating mountain setting. But this gorgeous lake in the heart of Central Idaho is absolutely stunning for more than just its azure water and picturesque setting against the Sawtooths. But what makes Redfish Lake so special isn’t just the lake itself… it’s all the hidden oases nearby as well!

Truth be told, there are dozens of gems hidden in the Stanley area. Bench Lakes are a wonderful, family-friendly alternative to Redfish Lake on a busy weekend, but for those looking for more adventure, a climb up to Elephant Perch is always worth the effort!

For a unique day-trip in the most unexpected of locales, check out this hidden canyon in Southern Idaho!