There’s Something Incredibly Special About This Ancient Tree In Idaho

Not that we’re keeping score, but Idaho is number one at a lot of things. A lot. But did you know that we’ve also broken some records here and there?

Elk River (not to be confused with Elk City) is a tiny town that hovers around 100 residents, and is tucked away in Idaho’s Panhandle. Here, amidst the towering pines and lush foliage that distinguishes Northern Idaho from its Southern base, you’ll find a tree that is recognized as the largest tree in North America outside the Cascades. But its size isn’t what truly makes this giant Cedar special – it’s the fact that it’s over 3,000 years old. Check it out!

To get to the Giant Cedar Grove, it’s only a short 10-mile drive on Elk Basin Road, and an easy hike down a marked trailhead.

It’s amazing to think that Idaho is home to a humble tree that is thousands of years older than the New World itself! Have you ever been to this Idaho landmark? What did you think?