Most People Don’t Know Idaho Has A Fairy Trail… And It’s Positively Magical

Whimsical, romantic, and blissfully serene, fairy trails and villages can be found tucked away in hundreds of botanical gardens around the country. But hidden away in a secluded and historic slice of small-town Idaho is an extra special waterfront trail that is home to far more magic and delight  than your average miniature village!

This quiet fairy trail in Southern Idaho is informally known as Cleo’s Ferry Museum and Nature Trail: a 1-mile nature stroll-botanical garden-spiritual walk-fairy retreat, all in one. Winding along the Snake River and filled to the brim with enchanting wildlife, gardens, history, and surprises galore, this lovely spot is sure to become one of your favorite escapes – whether you’re hunting for mythical creatures or just looking for a relaxing stroll away from the crowds. Follow along and see what makes this hidden oasis so unique!

Cleo’s Ferry Museum is such a wonderful, serene oasis – and with quite the delightful whimsy and history behind it! Enjoy the beauty and tranquility, drink in the peace and quiet of rural Idaho, and be sure to share your photos and stories with us! We love stumbling upon treasures like this that highlight Idaho’s unique character. What other nature trails make for the perfect scenic getaway?

Have you ever hiked this fairy trail in Idaho? What did you think? Would you recommend it to others? Was it as magical as it seems? Let us know in the comments below!

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Getting here: From Boise/Meridian, follow ID-45 past Melba Rd. Make a left at Dan’s Ferry Gas Station and follow the unmarked private road, which is lined with rusty tricycles and vintage metalware. Follow the signs to the parking lot and donation/check-in area. Keep in mind that this retreat is home to wildlife of all kinds and is a no-dogs trail. Please be respectful.

Address: 1984 ID-45, Melba, ID 83641, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Fairy Trail In Idaho

February 23, 2021

Are there a lot of kid friendly trails in Idaho?

Absolutely! With over 600 trails in the state, there are plenty of easy ones that the whole family can enjoy. One of the most popular trails in the state is Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene, a wonderful hike for even the littlest ones in your group.

What’s the best season to go hiking in Idaho?

Summer is everyone’s favorite season to hike in Idaho, but spring and autumn are close second place contenders. But if you want to get up in the mountain passes, you’ll have to wait for summer!

Where are most magical place in Idaho?

Idaho is a magical place to live, and Sportsman Park is a total hidden gem that’s truly magical. A treasured focal point of Idaho Falls, this city park is also hiding a stunningly lush secret friendship garden. Inspired by Japanese culture, meditation areas, small creeks, beautiful shade and landscaping all form an idyllic place to get away even in the heart of the city. Black Magic Canyon is another truly magical place; named for its deep basalt color and uncanny knack of appearing and reappearing, this canyon hike will surprise you. It’s a volcanic sculpture garden, desert trail, and magical adventure all in one!

Address: 1984 ID-45, Melba, ID 83641, USA