These 12 Amazing Camping Spots In Idaho Are An Absolute Must See

May through September is prime camping season for those who enjoy immersing themselves in Idaho’s great outdoors. But camping means different things to different people – for some, a comfy RV is where it’s at. For others, a primitive tent and fire ring in the trees are all that’s needed, so long as a fishing spot is nearby.

Idaho’s expansive wilderness is home to literally thousands of campgrounds, both private and public, and with every luxury (or lack thereof) imaginable. Rather than choose Idaho’s “best” campgrounds, we’ve chosen just a few camping locations across the state that you might not have heard of, or if you have, are worth a second look on your next weekend adventure.

You can get detailed directions and make reservations for any of these campgrounds through the Forest Service website. Many are first come, first served, so start planning now for that epic Memorial Day vacay!